Ihla Grande, Brazil


Ihla Grande is an island off the coast of Brazil. It is covered with rainforest that flows down steep hillsides into green waters. It is famous for the Blue Lagoon, a tranquil spot of crystal clear water well known for snorkeling. We spent one day on a boat hopping between islands and stopping at the Blue Lagoon. And it poured. All day long. Apparently it rains over 200 days per year at Ihla Grande. So of course we got rained on. The second day we took a short hike to a neighboring beach, found some good coffee, and read books.


3 thoughts on “Ihla Grande, Brazil

  1. It looks like a beautiful place. Were you still able to snorkel at all? Or, did the rain make visibility and safety too difficult? I love seeing your cute smiling faces! What an adventure you are having.

    1. We did stop to snorkel but only two people got off the boat because it was so cold and rainy. The weather definitely muted the colors in the water a lot so I didn’t feel like we missed out too much. Thanks for following along! I love seeing your Spain posts 🙂

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