Havasu Falls Hike

This weekend trip was pushing the extremes of even our amount of craziness. It started on February 1st, when I sat furiously clicking through the website lottery system for two hours… yes, you read that right. Two hours. The website kept continuously crashing due to the insane amount of INSANE people trying to sign up. … More Havasu Falls Hike

Las Vegas, Nevada

This past weekend we hit up Sin City for a friend’s 30th birthday celebration. And because of the type of people we are, we ended up spending most of our time in Las Vegas, well… outside Las Vegas. On Saturday, we visited Red Rock National Park and Valley of Fire State Park before attending Ka, … More Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Rock National Park

For our friend’s 30th birthday celebration, we spent a weekend getaway in Las Vegas. Bright and early on Saturday morning, said friend and her sister ran the half marathon in Red Rock National Conservation Area. While they were strengthening their hearts, the rest of the group, including myself, sauntered around the park along the scenic … More Red Rock National Park

Ushuaia, Argentina

We spent our final few days in Argentina in Ushuaia, also known as the “city at the end of the world,” or “el fin del mundo.” It is a small city bordered by the Beagle Channel and the Martial Mountains located at the tip of Argentina. We spent an afternoon aboard a small boat navigating … More Ushuaia, Argentina

Savannah, Georgia

Putting pen to paper to write out a goal or dream is incredibly powerful. Whether it be New Year’s resolutions, intentions for the month, or a bucket list, the action of writing down a want or desire has massive effects. One such item on my bucket list is staying in a Bed and Breakfast in … More Savannah, Georgia

2018:: A Look Back

2018… what happened? It’s true what they say, every year flies by faster than the last. Or so it seems. This year was a pivotal one. Whit and I completed our Internal Medicine residencies and moved on to brighter horizons. I started working as a primary care provider and Whit began her geriatrics fellowship. The … More 2018:: A Look Back