2018:: A Look Back

2018… what happened? It’s true what they say, every year flies by faster than the last. Or so it seems. This year was a pivotal one. Whit and I completed our Internal Medicine residencies and moved on to brighter horizons. I started working as a primary care provider and Whit began her geriatrics fellowship. The … More 2018:: A Look Back

A Montana Baby Shower

Earlier this Spring, we ventured back to Helena, Montana to attend our sister-in-law’s baby shower. It was a celebration packed weekend with the baby shower on Saturday and Whitney’s mom’s birthday on Sunday. The baby shower had a baby animal theme, with tiny raccoons and foxes lining the mantle and little squirrels dotting the kitchen. … More A Montana Baby Shower

Remember when?

Remember that time we backpacked through Europe for three months? Remember the countless gelato stops, eating baguettes and cheese under the Eiffel Tower, and sipping delectable Turkish coffee? Remember when I cried at the Anne Frank house, which came at no surprise since I cry at the smallest fleck of emotion? Remember spending hours and … More Remember when?

Dublin, Ireland

My two visits to Dublin were vastly different. The first, I was alone and although enjoyed the rich history, I couldn’t fight the wave of loneliness. The second, I scurried around town taking ridiculous pictures with my wife, laughing and having a ball. I must admit that I felt quite adept at the whole travel … More Dublin, Ireland