Maine Cycling Trip 2021

In July 2021, we went to the East Coast for a cycling trip through Maine. We flew into Boston for the night and hung out with my cousins, Michael and Alex. They took us around the city for dinner and drinks before we headed north on the train to Portland, Maine.

The cycling trip was led by two guides with Intrepid. We started in Portland, Maine and biked along the coast to Acadia National Park.

We made a pit stop at an old growth forest of hemlocks and learned about the ancient forests.

We ate more lobster rolls than I thought I ever would in a lifetime!

The highlight of the trip was Acadia National Park. We biked through the park along old carriage roads created by Rockefeller upon donation of his land to the park.

We had to make a pit stop for a traditional whoopie pie. We ate all things blueberry as well, cocktails, pies, lemonades, etc.

The last morning of the trip, we woke up before dawn to hike up to Cadillac Mountain. It is where the sun rises to touch the United States first every morning.

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