Ihla Grande, Brazil

Ihla Grande is an island off the coast of Brazil. It is covered with rainforest that flows down steep hillsides into green waters. It is famous for the Blue Lagoon, a tranquil spot of crystal clear water well known for snorkeling. We spent one day on a boat hopping between islands and stopping at the … More Ihla Grande, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil was originally a Portuguese colony with large exports of sugar and coffee. Brazil had the largest number of African slaves in the world, upwards of 4 million before slavery was abolished. Because of this, there is a large African influence today including the samba and capoeira dances. Because of the French Revolution, the Portuguese … More Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

Paraty was a very important port during the slave trade, where most of the gold was exported to Portugal. Because of this, pirates frequently attacked the area. The streets in Paraty were made to hide turns to allow local townspeople to escape the pirates. The cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings date back to the 17th … More Paraty, Brazil