Key West, Florida

Nothing screams Christmas like Southern Florida… just kidding! But this year, Key West hosted the Second Annual Haseman Family Christmas Celebration. Whit and I met up with her parents in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday. On Friday, we drove through Miami and along the 1A1 hopping ever more south along the Florida Keys. We stopped in … More Key West, Florida

Maui, Hawaii

The power of manifesting your dreams and desires is profound. The act of envisioning exactly what you want in life, over and over, can make that dream a reality. Sometimes, I am surprised by the opportunities that fall into my lap, nearly all that have passed through my stream of conscience as something that would … More Maui, Hawaii

Los Angeles, California

When I think of LA, I think of plastic surgery, celebrities, and of course, “The L Word.” Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse city, brimming with countless ethnicities and spanning every social strata. Within two blocks, one might find taco trucks serving blue collar workers around the corner from manicured mansions. The juxtaposition can be … More Los Angeles, California

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Flaming Gorge is a huge reservoir that straddles the Wyoming-Utah border. The Flaming Gorge Dam obstructs the Green River, creating a reservoir confined by steep cliffs and populated with plentiful trout. The Flaming Gorge Recreation Area is well known for water activities of all kinds, but given the time of year and freezing temperatures, we … More Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Washington, D.C.

Our first day in the city, we toured the White House. Thanks to Whit’s mom who managed to secure tickets, we strolled through the various rooms of the presidents’ residence. We meandered around a color wheel, or so it seemed, admiring the Green Room, the Blue Room, the Red Room. Then there was the State … More Washington, D.C.

Mount Timpanogos

Summiting Mount Timpanogos was on our Utah bucket list for the last few years. It is a monster hike, nearly 15 miles long with 4,900 feet of elevation gain. We contemplated backpacking it over two days, but due to time constraints, ended up making it a one day struggle. We ascended along the Aspen Grove … More Mount Timpanogos