Uyuni, Bolivia

The Train Cemetery is full of rusted old trains dating back to the early 20th century, mostly imported from Britain. Uyuni, although now a dusty and somewhat empty town resembling the old wild west, was at one point destined to become a major train hub. When the plans fell through, the train corpses began to … More Uyuni, Bolivia

Potosí, Bolivia

Potosí is located at 4,060 meters above sea level. It is dry and isolated with rough winters. But it is home to Cerro Rico, or “rich hill,” a mountain of silver exploited by the Spanish conquerors. Mining in Cerro Rico still occurs today, but much of the prime silver has already been mined. It is … More Potosí, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre is considered the most beautiful city in Bolivia. The colonial architecture and narrow streets are mesmerizing. Unfortunately due to protests in the area, we only had about 24 hours in Sucre, instead of the initial two full days planned. Plaza 25 de Mayo is surrounded by beautiful colonial architecture. It also hosted a large … More Sucre, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia

The Andean region of what is now Bolivia was originally part of the Inca Empire before Spanish colonization. Spain built much of the financial wealth of the empire on the silver mines in Bolivia. Bolivia was the first country in South America to call for independence, as early as 1809. War broke out for 16 … More La Paz, Bolivia

Nazca Lines, Peru

The Nazca Lines are a series of pre-Colombian geoglyphs composed of over 300 different figures. The lines were etched into the desert sands, some as wide as 30 meters and as long as 9 kilometers. The windless and dry climate have preserved the lines to be seen today. They were created between 500 BC and … More Nazca Lines, Peru

Lima, Peru

The Barranco neighborhood is the hub of artists and writers, a hippie haven. The street art is incredible, with murals lining nearly every wall. One particularly meaningful mural shows two women’s faces on either side of a tunnel symbolizing support for the gay community. We visited a local natural medicine shop to learn about various … More Lima, Peru

Cartagena, Colombia

If Bogota is the fridge of Colombia, Cartagena is the oven. This Caribbean beachside town is toasty, vibrant, and full of street art. It is known for the walled city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colonial architecture and vivacious colors lend an overall joyful air to the city. Many pieces of street … More Cartagena, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

Colombia as a whole, and specifically the city of Medellin, is known globally for narco trafficking and the violence associated with Pablo Escobar. The stigma surrounding the violence of the 1980s through the early 2000s has kept many tourists away from this beautiful country. Medellin is a stunning example of the power of hope and … More Medellin, Colombia