San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is quite a young capital city, without much in the way of fanciful architecture or colonial streets. Besides neat street art and delicious food, the main attraction is the National Theater. There are also quite a few museums downtown, like the National Museum of Costa Rica below. The best part about our time … More San Jose, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde is absolutely gorgeous. The lush canopies and rolling hillsides harbor countless mammalian and reptilian species, and provide the perfect habitat for many migratory birds including the famous quetzal. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the surrounding region contain seven different ecological life zones and have nearly continual cloud cover, lending plenty of humidity and … More Monteverde, Costa Rica

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada was founded in 1524 by Cordoba, just like Leon. The architecture is beautiful, but the streets are a little rougher than Leon. We took a long day tour of Granada and the surrounding areas. It included a city walk in the old district, visits to a chocolate factory and ceramic workshop in the white … More Granada, Nicaragua

Leon, Nicaragua

We kept hearing about the Nicaragua “crisis” over and over, and each time, our fears loomed larger. Should we really be traveling there right now? Is it safe enough for tourists? We questioned our guide about the crisis, and he gave a great synopsis of the recent happenings in the country since that fateful April … More Leon, Nicaragua

El Cuco, El Salvador

El Cuco is a surfer’s paradise. We stayed at an ecolodge known for saving sea turtle eggs and rescuing injured pelicans, basically an animal lover’s dream. The rolling waves and soft sandy shores provided the perfect learning environment for surfing. We took surf lessons one morning and lo and behold, I can get up on … More El Cuco, El Salvador

Suchitoto, El Salvador

With the continued violence of drug cartels after a prolonged and bloody war, it is not surprising that El Salvador is not exactly known for tourism. With a peace agreement signed between the two warring drug cartels of the country, reports of violence has dropped, but the residual fear of extortion, kidnapping, and the likes … More Suchitoto, El Salvador