Turkish Ruins

Turkey was such a wonderful introduction to Muslim culture. Istanbul was the highlight of our time in Turkey, but exploring the ancient ruins was the best history lesson anyone could ask for. As corny as it sounds, I felt like we had traveled back in time with each step among the ruins. We toured Ephesus, … More Turkish Ruins

soulful connections

You know those places where you feel your soul light up in connection, a vibe about the place that you recognize deep inside yourself, or those places where you feel the magic of its presence surround you. That is Delphi. Delphi is considered the center of the world in Greek mythology, the site where Zeus … More soulful connections

Call to Prayer

I awoke to the resounding call to prayer, permeating every corner of the dark room. It was nearly 4 am, early yes, but to the jet lagged traveler it didn’t seem too early. At first, I was confused at what the deep notes were, where they came from, or why. I peered behind the sheer … More Call to Prayer