O Fim – Évora

The epicenter of Évora is definitely Sé Catedral. This majestic stone structures harbors towers, secret passageways, and cloisters, all fit for exploring. The cathedral resembles more of a castle fortress, with turret like towers and Gothic architecture. 14th century carvings of the apostles wrap themselves around the main cathedral entrance, safe guarding their home built … More O Fim – Évora

Coimbra, Portugal

The pinnacle of Coimbra is the old Universidade de Coimbra, a palace like assemblage of stones and tiled roofs composed of the Biblioteca Joanina, Capela de São Miguel, and the bell tower founded in 1290. The Biblioteca Joanina holds over 300,000 medieval volumes, safe guarded by a colony of local bats in the library that … More Coimbra, Portugal