Anniversary Getaway to Flathead Lake

Amid all of the chaos of 2020, we decided to go on an anniversary getaway to Flathead Lake. We rented a tiny log cabin for the night and drove the perimeter of the lake for some early leaf peeping. Full fall foliage is still a few weeks away, but we enjoyed the drive.

This is a very tense and charged political atmosphere. Whitney and I have so many privileges, our white skin being the most important. But as a gay couple, we understand what it feels like to be marginalized. The current administration has been heavily anti-LGBTQ+ and Trump has stoked the fires of homophobic rhetoric, along with countless other disrespectful and hateful comments. There is a pending Supreme Court case regarding LGBT adoption, a case that Trump’s administration has outwardly endorsed their stance to block our future chances of creating a family. For those of you who supposedly support Whitney and I, yet choose to vote for Trump, I urge you to consider what message you are sending to folks like us and the many other marginalized communities. You cannot truly value us as humans, with rights equal to your own, if you vote this man into office.

Even though I couldn’t understand the decision to vote for Trump in the 2016 election, that was before so many other statements and actions have occurred, making it blatantly obvious that my values and morals do not align with those that continue to support him. I could forgive a vote for him at that point. Now, I cannot. I will no longer include people in my life who so clearly do not value human rights and so clearly follow greed. If this administration hasn’t affected or threatened your rights, you have immense privilege. And you should probably start recognizing it.

#loveislove #blacklivesmatter #scienceisreal #wearafuckingmask #vote