Backpacking in the Wind River Range, WY


I have wanted to backpack in the Wind River Range since we moved to Utah over five years ago. This majestic range is just outside of Grand Teton National Park and boasts countless alpine lakes and beautiful glaciers. We backpacked in to Seneca Lake and camped for two nights, taking a long day hike on the second day to both Island Lake and Titcomb Basin.


Photographer’s Point is about 4.5 miles in on the trail to Seneca Lake. The panoramic views are breathtaking.


Along the trail, there are SO many alpine lakes.


We arrived and set up camp just before sunset. We made a point to watch both the sunset and get up early the next morning for the sunrise.


The day hike to Island Lake and Titcomb Basin was nearly 16 miles! I’m so thankful that Whitney agreed to go all the way to Titcomb Basin with me 🙂


We hiked out the last day and drove the seven hours back home. Unfortunately with the fires in California, our third day was pretty smoked out. Thankfully we had already seen the views we wanted, but the air quality was awful. This backpacking trip was great training for the Teton Crest Trail which we hope to do in a few weeks.

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  1. Wow – so beautiful! This is going on my bucket list, too. It is nice to see your latest update. Glad you are staying safe and well. Did you see any other people on the hike? – Cheers, Holly

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