Skalkaho Pass, MT


Moving to a new state can be daunting, but having such great resources around like Whitney’s parents who have driven nearly every back road and pass in the state has been phenomenal. They recommended a day trip loop out of Missoula, one they’ve driven before and tagged along for this time as well. We started in Missoula and drove down the Bitterroot Valley to Hamilton before heading up the Skalkaho Pass. The dirt road can be narrow in places but the views are incredible. We stopped at Skalkaho Falls near the top and had lunch at a campground further in. Bob found himself a little pond to fish in and taught us how to cast.


We drove around Georgetown Lake before heading into Phillipsburg. We will definitely be returning to Georgetown Lake to camp and kayak.


In Phillipsburg, we walked around the quaint downtown and watched an outdoor concert at the brewery.


After Phillipsburg, we drove through Drummond and back to Missoula. It was a fun little getaway!

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