Oregon Coast Scenic Drive


After visiting my family in the Bay Area, we made our way north to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park and Redwoods National Park. We wanted to see Crater Lake on our way north to the Washington parks, but it was still closed. So instead, we opted to take the coastal Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast. It was so worth the slower pace and winding curves. The views are stunning and the quaint coastal towns are adorable. We stopped at so many pullouts and random beaches to take pictures, have a snack, or just watch the waves crash over the rocks. We even got to see Astoria, home of The Goonies, AKA Best Childhood Movie of All Time! This road trip was so unique for us because we had a general timeline but nothing strict. We are both Type A and plan our trips out to every minute, and usually fill them to the brim so there is really not much free time to explore if something else comes up. For this road trip, we had time to fill and fill it we did!


We had a coffee break on this giant piece of driftwood.


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