Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina


Iguazu Falls is at the apex of three borders: Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Iguazu means “big water” and is the widest waterfall in the world at almost three kilometers long with 275 waterfalls. The highest point is at Devil’s Throat reaching 80 meters tall. Devil’s Throat flows at 1200 cubic meters per second or 19 Olympic size swimming pools per second. Both Brazil and Argentina have large national parks around the falls, but the tourist area around Iguazu Falls is only 5% of the total park area. Iguazu Falls became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. On day one we visited the Brazilian side where there are large panoramic views of the falls along the entire length of the walk.


On the second day we visited the Argentina side where we got up close and personal with a number of the falls, including Devil’s Throat.


This bridge is over the Iguazu River. The left bank is Argentina, the right bank is Brazil, and the far bank is Paraguay.


The white and blue painted side of the bridge is Argentina and the green and yellow is Brazil in correspondence to their country’s flag colors.


3 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

  1. WOW!! This would be an amazing place to visit. Is it simple to travel between the different countries when you go to see the waterfalls? Or, are there customs and security checks each time you go back and forth? Which side did you enjoy the best?

    1. It was very simple to cross the border. We used a tour company and the guide gathered our passports and ran inside to get them stamped while we stayed in the bus. It only took 5-10 minutes for each crossing. Both sides were great and I can’t say I had a favorite. They were just different, but both equally beautiful.

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