Lima, Peru


The Barranco neighborhood is the hub of artists and writers, a hippie haven. The street art is incredible, with murals lining nearly every wall. One particularly meaningful mural shows two women’s faces on either side of a tunnel symbolizing support for the gay community.


We visited a local natural medicine shop to learn about various herbal remedies. The tree below when eaten becomes a hallucinogenic. The famous ayahuasca of the region is a hallucinogen used by shamans.


We walked along the Malicon to the neighborhood of Miraflores to see the famous Parque del Amor, home to the statue El Beso. It depicts the sculptur, Victor Delfin, and his wife kissing. Along the Malicon, there were tons of paragliders.


Huaca Pucllana was a ceremonial site for the Lima Culture, a society that developed between 200 and 700 AD. The pyramid consists of seven platforms and was thought to honor their ocean deity, represented by a shark.


Downtown Lima is most known for the Plaza de Armas, a beautiful square full of colonial architecture. The square is surrounded by the Government Palace, the Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union.


The Basilica and Convent of San Francisco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mostly known for the catacombs. The church and monastery were completed in 1674.


The Iglesia de Santo Domingo is gorgeous, but has a concerning past. The land for the convent was granted to the Dominican friar Vicente de Valverde, a man who accompanied Pizarro through his conquest and persuaded him to execute the Inca Atahualpa. We climbed to the top of the bell tower for some amazing panoramic views of the city.


We went bar hopping one night in Miraflores to scope out the scene. We tried some Pisco cocktails for good measure.


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  1. What a colorful place! That street art is amazing. You two are so cute. I love seeing all of your adventures. I’ve been travrling myself, so I’m m trying to catch up on your blog!

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