Santa Catalina, Panama


Santa Catalina is a village more than a town with quiet streets and a hush in the air. It is the kind of place where you could blink and miss it. The gem of Santa Catalina is Coiba National Park, a collection of nearby islands with protected marine life. Our day island hopping was an odd combination of mystical and dreadful. Mystical in the countless turtles and white tipped reef sharks that graced our path while snorkeling, and dreadful in the near constant rain, cold, and lead gray skies. Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, we were blessed with seeing tons of humpback whales. We also had a few dolphins that followed our boat along to play in the waves.


One thought on “Santa Catalina, Panama

  1. How lovely! There is something so magical about being close to marine wildlife. I have great memories swimming with sea turtles off St. Kitts. Too bad you had such miserable weather on land. But, it sounds like you still had a grand adventure

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