San Cristobal, Mexico


San Cristobal has a unique and eclectic vibe. Vegan food is abundant, incredible coffee is the norm, and a plethora of nomadic hippies roam the streets. Colorful doorways line cobblestone streets that lead to the main plaza and secret cafes with patios dot every block. So far, I must say that this quaint town has been my favorite in Mexico.


Yesterday we visited the small indigenous communities of Chomula and Zinacantan. To respect the communities’ wishes, no photos were taken during our stay. We witnessed the remarkable San Lorenzo day celebrations in Zinacantan, the annual celebration to commemorate the founding of the city. Inside the temple, thousands of flower arrangements lined the walls and fresh pine needles littered the floor. Local leaders cleansed the temple with copal incense. Hundreds of families in traditional clothing kneeled to light candles in their purple flowered shawls. It was incredible. In Chomula, we saw similar religious practices and another that included the sacrifice of a chicken for healing.


San Cristobal is also known for amber. We learned how to tell the difference between real amber and fake replicas. Real amber is always light in weight, cool to the touch, and has a green layer covering it when placed in direct sunlight or under a black light.


Between the good eats and the beautiful scenery, San Cristobal definitely made the top of the list!


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