Brandi Carlile at The Gorge


I’m honestly still reeling from this incredible weekend. The Gorge Amphitheater is stunning, the sunset was miraculous, and hearing Brandi Carlile’s voice all night long… Holy bejeezus! We have been fans of hers for a few years now and every single time she gives me goosebumps. We initially had some FOMO about missing our last PRIDE weekend in Salt Lake City, but we were surrounded by thousands of lesbians all weekend long. It was infinitely better! I find her songs evocative and moving, maybe partly because some are about her wife. And seeing someone famous representing your community is incredibly heartwarming. We also chose one of her songs for our first dance at our wedding. So to say hearing her in concert is special is an understatement.

We camped with thousands of other people at The Gorge, which was a very unique experience. Luckily we had very little to set up, since we slept in the back of my Jeep. After a few drinks and some time people watching at the campground, we made our way to the iconic venue. And again, holy bejeezus! This whole weekend was an amazing experience.


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