Walt Disney World Resort: Magic Kingdom


Holy Moly! Those are the only words to describe the night show at The Magic Kingdom. The “Once Upon A Time” castle projection show is incredible. The Cinderella castle flashes with different themes and colors corresponding to a variety of Disney movies with characters hanging out of windows and themed music to boot. There is really no way to describe it. But you MUST go see it for yourself!


We spent Sunday at the Magic Kingdom. It opened in 1971 as the first park in Florida. The iconic Disney originals find their home in this magical place. You can see Cinderella’s castle, the camels and flying carpets from Aladdin, the Beauty and the Beast castle nestled above a replica of the French countryside town below. The spinning tea cups and flying Dumbo rides brought back childhood memories of my visit circa 1995.


Magic Kingdom: the happiest place on Earth!


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