Everglades National Park


The Everglades is a pristine landscape that is mostly underappreciated. People tend to hate alligators and snakes. And I totally get it. I don’t exactly want to cuddle up next to these dangerous creatures, but they are vital members of the ecosystem. The wetlands have been markedly destroyed in Florida, as swamps are drained to allow for construction. With the decimation of these habitats, many endangered species are at risk. Thankfully, part of these vast wetlands are protected as a National Park.

We rode in air boats during out time in the Everglades. We navigated vast and sometimes narrow channels of floating grasses like saw grass and cattail grass. Our guide pointed out numerous birds, iguanas, and of course, the iconic alligators.

I initially was seated on the outside of the boat with hopes to snap some good photos. I lost it on the third alligator, ending up in Whitney’s lap, begging to switch with someone in the middle seat. I can appreciate the beauty and necessity of alligators in their natural habitat, but at a distance.


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