24 hours in Aruba


As is common with cruises, passengers typically get a mere day in each port. We knew we wanted to dive at least once during our Caribbean cruise, so we sacrificed seeing the island of Aruba for witnessing its gorgeous seas. It is no surprise that diving is a conundrum for me. I am an overly cautious individual who finds certain animals completely terrifying, i.e. sharks. I tend to get so caught up in frantically searching for possible dangers that any joy found in the scenery is lost. I still love exploring the ocean’s depths, feeling my body rock back and forth with the currents, and eyeing small sea creatures hiding in vibrant coral reefs. But sometimes, the anxiety surrounding a dive is too much to bear. This dive was great, as every other dive we’ve done. Yet all I could think about once reaching the boat was the sweet relief of it being over.


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