Mekong River Delta, Vietnam


The Mekong Delta, or “Nine Dragon River Delta” is a lush site to behold. The jungles of Vietnam abut the silty currents of the Mekong River, a powerful force of nature that flows through China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The delta is a pristine habitat for thousands of plants and animals, and also is home to the floating markets in many Vietnamese villages. We took a boat ride along the main artery of the Mekong River, and a small canoe through one of the tributaries. My worst nightmare came to fruition when I spotted a python dangling from a nearby tree branch. That is the exact reason that me and jungles don’t get along.


We also spent a day riding motorbikes through the countryside, gliding along narrow roads between rice paddies and stopping to learn about traditional crafts.


We learned how to make incense, how to harvest rubber from rubber trees, how to make a traditional conical hat, and how to make traditional pottery. We also watched the step by step process of harvesting coconuts to prepare candies. Whit tried a local snake vodka. I took a hard pass.


Our Mekong Delta adventures were short and sweet, but the perfect addition to a great tour of the country.

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