Mount Timpanogos


Summiting Mount Timpanogos was on our Utah bucket list for the last few years. It is a monster hike, nearly 15 miles long with 4,900 feet of elevation gain. We contemplated backpacking it over two days, but due to time constraints, ended up making it a one day struggle. We ascended along the Aspen Grove trail rather than the Timpooneke trail because we wanted to see the waterfall and Emerald Lake along the way. The trail starts with a long steady climb, then approaches many switchbacks to a small break through the meadow before Emerald Lake. We stopped for a snack break at the lake, then headed on to cross the boulder field before hitting the saddle. From the saddle to the summit, it is quite scary with only a narrow treacherous path along the ridgeline. We were all shaky with unease on the way to the summit. We almost turned around once, but decided to push on. We had made it so far already, and felt that we would regret not summiting. There is a small open structure at the summit, draped with prayer flags and scoured with signatures. We signed the book, admired the panoramic views, and munched on some snacks before descending. I crab legged down the steep parts, managing to avoid any falls which is a miracle for me. We rewarded our efforts with shakes and custard before heading home for a well-earned night of sleep.


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