Waste Free:: Popcorn


This may seem so obvious to most of you, but a surprising number of people can’t fathom popcorn without the shrink wrap and fake butter. I get that store bought popcorn is delicious in its own overly salty and yellow buttery syrup way, but Whitney’s go-to popcorn seasoning makes any ole kernel a million times better.

To make this quick and easy treat, first buy popcorn kernels in bulk at whichever store of your choosing. Then line the bottom of a pot with a thin layer of oil, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder. Adding the seasoning to the oil itself creates a more even coat of goodness on each popcorn puff. Then pour one layer of kernels into the bottom of the pot and cover. Within a few minutes the kernels will be poppin’ into popcorn, ready to devour by the handful.

This munchy treat is free of waste, free of preservatives, and a much healthier alternative to snacking on chips. Give it a go and I swear you’ll never go back to store bought again!

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