Rabat, Morocco


Rabat rests along the windy coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Our first afternoon in the city, we strolled along the boardwalk admiring the many quaint fishing boats and basking in the sunset.


The next day we toured the city. The first stop was the mausoleum. The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is across the esplanade from Hassan Tower. It houses the tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons. The white marble building dons a classic green tiled roof, as green is the color of Islam. It was built in 1971. The Hassan Tower is a minaret of an incomplete mosque. Building began in 1195 but stopped in 1199 when the then sultan died.


We then visited the Royal Palace, or Dar al-Makhzen. The Royal Palace in Rabat is the primary and official residence of the king of Morocco. It was built in 1864.


Lastly we visited the chellah. Chellah means holy necropolis. It is a large complex including a mosque with minaret and royal tombs. The ruins of the medieval fortress emerge under vines and foliage with scatted fruit trees throughout. The ruins are also home to many nesting storks that claim the old stones as home.


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