Yellowstone National Park


Whitney’s dad has visited Yellowstone National Park almost annually since 1965. He started as a forest ranger in the summer, and with her mom has become an avid park patron.

IMG_8215IMG_8210IMG_8211IMG_8212The magical valley and mountains herald as many people’s favorite national park, from the abundant wildlife to the impressive geological features. The astounding views are reason enough to fall in love. Yellowstone was founded in 1871, as the very first National Park. The precious scenery and wildlife have thankfully been protected for future generations.

IMG_8220IMG_8281IMG_8296IMG_8303IMG_8205IMG_7584Yellowstone in the winter is unlike any other place on earth. It truly is a winter wonderland with plentiful snowfall and icy rivers. The brilliant white snow starkly contrasts the darker shades of animal fur, allowing for easier mammal spotting. We were lucky enough to find antelope, elk, deer, bison, and big horn sheep during our three day weekend stay in the park.

IMG_8231IMG_8230IMG_8269IMG_8267IMG_8263IMG_8252IMG_8259IMG_8316IMG_8224IMG_8321IMG_8329IMG_8327IMG_8337IMG_8117IMG_8104IMG_8103IMG_8148IMG_8127IMG_8270 (1)We cross country skied around various geological features one morning not too far from where we stayed at Mammoth Hot Springs. We also ventured down to the famous hot springs that the lodge is named for. We were frozen solid with snow pelting our faces the entire walk to the hot springs, and opted to bypass on the dip into the springs. Maybe next time it won’t be negative temps and we can hop on in.


Unfortunately due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, we were unable to drive through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City to site some wolves. I guess that is just one more reason to return to this magnificent park next winter.

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