Waste Free: What’s In Our Bag?


So much about transitioning to a waste free lifestyle is about shifting habits. Habit shifts like always carrying a refillable water bottle, having coffee mugs on hand when grabbing a cup-of-joe to go, and bringing cloth grocery bags to the store make a significant impact on daily waste creation.


A major habit shift for us was bringing a set of “waste free must haves” along with us wherever we go. Besides meal prepping and packing food for lunch, we make sure to always have reusable silverware and straws with a napkin in our bag. That way, we never get caught in a situation where we need to use disposable options. We also always bring an empty coffee mug, especially on long call shifts when we know we will want an afternoon pick me up. Mason jars and steel containers on hand work great for unexpected snacks and left overs that would otherwise go to waste or be stored in a disposable container. We never go out to eat without at least one tupperware in our bag to bring home leftovers.

If you are new to waste free living, start with one action to focus on per week. Start with high waste creation actions – plastic shopping bags or plastic water bottles- and make one habit shift a week. By slowly incorporating waste free alternatives into your lifestyle, you can create long-lasting, sustainable change.

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