Waste Free: Homemade Goo-Be-Gone


Who hates labels? I think the real question is, does anyone not hate labels? They are a far cry from aesthetic, get goopy and sticky over time, and create a more cluttered look. Since we rarely buy anything new, I don’t have to bust out this homemade “goo-be-gone” very often. But it does come in handy when I find old jars to upcycle.

To remove all sorts of labels, the first step is to peel off the uppermost label to get rid of as much material as possible.


Then mix equal parts baking soda and coconut oil to form a paste. The coconut oil will melt in your hands as you mix the paste. Rub the paste over the old label for a few seconds. It should lift any goo left from the label with very little effort. You can let it set for a few minutes on tough pieces.


Once the paste sits for a few minutes, scrub it clean under hot water. And there you have it- a homemade goo-be-gone quickly whipped up with ingredients on your pantry shelf.


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