Waste Free: Minimizing Junk Mail


One of the most frequent questions I get asked about regarding waste free living is what to do about junk mail. And it is one heck of a problem, as everyone knows. There are many options online for sites that help rid one of these nasty wastes of paper, my favorite being Catalog Choice. You simply log in and search the site for the company sending you junk. You then plug in your address and information and they handle canceling the mail. If the company doesn’t allow online canceling, Catalog Choice gives you the exact number to call to get off of their mailing list. Spending one afternoon on Catalog Choice minimized our junk mail to only a few pieces per week.


We still get the occasional “To the resident of” ads, but they are pretty infrequent. The only thing we haven’t figured out how to cancel is the weekly newspaper style ads for the local area. We haven’t fought this one too much since we use the newspaper print to wrap gifts. In the end, getting on top of our junk mail situation not only minimizes waste but also simplifies our life.


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