Homemade Wood Butter


With our transition to a plastic free home, we slowly accumulated kitchen essentials in wood, copper, and steel. The type of cookware meant to last a lifetime with very little upkeep, just a little TLC every now and then. As everything in the dead of winter is drying up and becoming brittle, I thought the wooden utensils could use a little moisturizing of their own.


Instead of buying mineral oil or some pre-made and processed goop at the store, I opted to blend together a wood butter of my own. It’s easy, with ingredients I always have on hand. It’s one part beeswax to three parts coconut oil, melted down to form a butter. Once cooled, just lather some on your wooden utensils and allow it to absorb overnight. Because it’s all natural with ingredients safe for consumption, there is no need to worry about rinsing afterwards.


This wood butter will lock in moisture and help prevent cracking and wear. Enjoy!


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