Montana Adventures Through The Years


The first summer I visited Montana, we spent part of the week in Yellowstone National Park admiring the majestic buffalo, expansive views, and beautiful scenery.


One of my favorite parts of visiting Helena for the first time was hearing Whitney’s father explain the various Native American points of interest on their property. He is a great storyteller and weaves beautiful stories of buffalo jumps, teepee rings, and eagle catches.


When I first visited Helena, Whitney and her dad took me on a hike to summit Mount Helena. It has incredible views over the valley.


We have snowboarded at Big Sky two or three times at this point. It is by far my favorite ski resort and always will be. The countless miles of runs, lack of many people, and inordinate amounts of powder all baffle my mind every time.


Montana will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart, both as the home of my wife and hopefully our future home. I can’t wait to spend more and more time in this gorgeous, nature-loving state.

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