Keep Portland Weird


Residency interview season was upon us. We had hopped across the country, from Texas to Massachusetts, from Vermont to Maine, from Montana to Utah. We spent three weeks traveling around the Pacific Northwest with Whitney’s parents, from one interview to the next. Portland was on the circuitous route, and thanks to a number of residency programs in Portland alone, we were able to spend about a week in the hipster town.

Between interviews, we drove the scenic byway to Columbia River Gorge, with a pit stop at Multnomah Falls.


My favorite morning in Portland was a quiet one all to myself. Whitney had an interview at one of the hospitals while I had the day free. I moseyed along tree lines sidewalks, covered with golden leaves, until I reached the celebrated bookstore called Powell’s City of Books. After I purchased a few chosen novels, I made myself comfortable near a window in the café with scone and latte in hand. The shared space with other bibliophiles created an illustrious moment of appreciation for the written word.


While in the city, we snagged some Voodoo donuts before heading to the farmer’s market where produce stalls shared space with handmade goods. We also made frequent (read: near daily) stops at Salt and Straw for delectable ice cream treats.


Unfortunately during the interview season, I only brought my old iPhone for photos. Not only was this trip 3+ years ago, but at the time my phone was already 4 years hold, hence the poor quality. I guess we’ll have to return to Portland to do the city justice, photographically speaking. Until next time, Portlandia!


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  1. I live in Portland and it’s always nice to know other people enjoy the city I have always lived in. You took some great photos!! I hope you return and share more of your travel spots.

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