Waste Free: Holiday Wreaths


Traditional Christmas wreaths ring in the holiday cheer in perfect waste free fashion. Scavenged branches such as fir, pine, or cedar form a sturdy base of greenery and perfume a living space with a woody fragrance. We foraged the materials for our wreath at a local park and used old twine to attach the various pieces. The entire wreath is compostable leaving no trace behind, including unnecessary storage space.


There are countless ways to make a wreath. We opted to form a circular ring of longer twigs tied together with twine for our wreath’s structure. We then attached various pine and fir branches to fill it out. For decoration and a splash of color, we added some red berries and pine cones sporadically.


Natural wreaths are not just about waste free options for holiday decorating. Taking the time to forage for materials gets us outside, breathing fresh air, and appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer. The hours we spent building the wreath, singing along to Christmas carols, and drinking eggnog provided quality time together and a creative outlet. And when the end of the year turns anew, we can rest assured that we created absolutely no waste in the process of holiday cheer.


Happy Holidays!

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