Lava Hot Springs, Idaho


Who doesn’t love weekend getaways? The endless miles of quiet road stretching out ahead, space for thoughts to breathe, and the promise of new adventures. This past weekend was the perfect antidote to the overwhelm of a bustling holiday season, a moment to slow down and be present, yet still provided a sense of the exotic. Lava Hot Springs is a quaint town located in the mountains of Idaho, a mere two and a half hour drive from Salt Lake City. It boasts a population of around 400 people, with a main street of local shops selling huckleberry ice cream, tarot cards, and crystals. The one hopping restaurant, aptly named the Chuckwagon, serves a wide array of American cuisine as well as the most incredible “scones” I’ve ever tasted. The scones are more fried bread than flaky scone, and are topped with honey butter and huckleberry jam. It’s no surprise that nearly every table orders a few.

We stayed at a small hotel with it’s own private hot springs pool. The more prominent Lava Hot Springs is located about a block down the street, but our personal retreat was a total bonus! On Saturday, we soaked in the hot springs until we shriveled up like prunes. On Sunday, we opted for deep tissue massages before heading home. This weekend combined adventure, self-care, and space. We needed to hold space for the plethora of emotions swirling in our heads and take a moment to just sit with it. Basking in stillness has never been my forte, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.


And breathe.

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