Waste Free: Coffee


A morning cup of Joe can be one of the most wasteful parts of a person’s day. Think of the millions of Starbucks coffee cups and lids that are thrown in the garbage every single day. All it takes is a little forethought and that tiny ounce of energy to grab a reusable coffee mug on your way out the door. If your morning ritual entails a coffee stop on the way to work, just keep the mug in your car so you won’t show up at the drive through empty handed. For those of you that prefer the cheaper route of brewing coffee at home, consider a transition to bulk coffee and reusable filters. We buy our bulk coffee at Whole Foods in our mason jars. Whole Foods has grinders that you can use for free to grind your coffee beans. We take ours home to grind them to keep them fresher.


We use a Chemex coffee maker. It makes a smooth and delicious pour over coffee, looks beautiful, and is easy to clean. We opted for the reusable steel filter which saves money as well as waste. Our Chemex is functional and easy to store. It serves a purpose and brings us joy through its beauty, the perfect example of minimalism.


Morning coffee is a sacred space and time for me. I prefer the silence of coffee at home, and to take just a few minutes to be present and still before the day’s chaos begins. This ritual is brief moment of self-care that I protect fiercely.


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