Waste Free: Facial Exfoliant

I can feel my body’s presence today, more so than usual. My awareness heightened, recognizing the fatigue and stress at a higher octave. Whether it is due to the bodily shock of starting an intense month on hospital wards after a week of vacation, or secondary to reading a blog about self-care or the lack there-of this morning, I’m not sure. But today I needed a little pampering. I whipped up this facial exfoliant in less than a minute. Afterwards, I felt like a new woman!


Melt 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Then mix with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Alternatively, mix sugar into unmelted coconut oil. Mixing the exfoliant with your hands will melt the coconut oil, as well. Then apply liberally to your face, rubbing in small circles to remove the dead skin cells. Rinse the mixture off with hot water, patting your face dry. The coconut oil moisturizes the skin so you shouldn’t need any moisturizer afterwards.


There are many alternative facial scrub recipes online. I enjoy a honey, sugar, and salt scrub that works just as well. I made this variation as part of a gift basket for my mom last year.


So ladies, treat yo’ self!!

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