The Netherlands:: Amsterdam and the countryside

I apologize ahead of time. Our pictures in the Netherlands are quite horrible. Most of these were taking while trying to ride a bike. And if any of you have seen me attempt to pedal with absolutely nothing in my hands much less a camera, you will understand why these pictures are far from pretty. We spent a few days in Amsterdam, both in the city and biking through the surrounding countryside. Although we loved learning more about Anne Frank at the Anne Frank House and enjoyed the many museums in town, our day jaunt through the lush landscapes amid windmills, flowers, and rivers was definitely the highlight.DSC06215DSC06209DSC06213DSC06255DSC06274DSC06303

Our day biking through the country side included hours basking in the sun, picnic lunches, learning how traditional wooden clogs are made, and visiting a small cheese factory. Whitney nearly made herself sick with how much cheese she consumed.


The next day, back in the city, we spent hours in the Anne Frank House. We were moved to tears. If anyone visits Amsterdam and has time for only one thing, please go visit that museum. It is incredibly well done, very personal, and awe inspiring. We also toured the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Rembrandt house. We spent one afternoon strolling along the canal and visiting outdoor markets like the tulip market, flower markets, and a small book market.


And of course we went out at night to explore the scandalous side of Amsterdam. We walked quickly through the Red Light District, with just enough time to get the gist and moved on to space cakes and what not. And we will leave that there.

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