O Fim – Évora


The epicenter of Évora is definitely Sé Catedral. This majestic stone structures harbors towers, secret passageways, and cloisters, all fit for exploring. The cathedral resembles more of a castle fortress, with turret like towers and Gothic architecture. 14th century carvings of the apostles wrap themselves around the main cathedral entrance, safe guarding their home built in 1204. The premier aspect of the cathedral is the tower and rooftop panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Some unbeknownst to me lichen scatters the surface of the rooftop, flakes of ocher and saffron splattered on every open surface.


Outside of Évora, along a 4 km unpaved road, lies the megalithic Cromlech de Almendres. The massive stones stand upright in an oval shape, thought to be arranged between 4000 and 2000 BC, for some kind of sun worshiping people. The sight is nestled on the top of a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside.


Évora was our last stop on the Portugal circuit before heading back to the daily grind. It was the perfect way to end the week, as the small town was easily walk-able and we managed to see the sights we wanted all by early afternoon, leaving a few hours to enjoy people watching in the main plaza over cups of coffee. Our last dinner was composed mostly of wine, as we casually sipped away over conversation, punctuated by fresh bread and olives. It was a desirable moment of reflection, catching up, and quality time well spent together. It was just what we needed most.

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