and who doesn’t love more cake?


Call Me Cupcake never disappoints! Her delicious strawberry and rhubarb vertical roll cake with strawberry buttercream frosting is insanely addicting! Whitney and I finished this entire cake on our own.. oops!


Next up was a vegan rhubarb crumble made with hearty oats in the classic cast iron skillet. This is our new breakfast must have!


A tried another of Call Me Cupcake’s 6 inch cakes, this time the Carrot Cake Deluxe. The batter is filled with grated carrots, chopped walnuts, and I substituted pureed bananas for the applesauce. The frosting is vanilla buttercream with coconut flakes thrown on top.


We also cooked dinner and dessert for our sweet friend, Bre, this weekend. The main course was fettuccine noodles from scratch tossed with steamed broccoli, mushrooms, loads of garlic, and a creamy cashew based cream sauce. We finished with almond orange sweet rolls, filled with our own homemade marmalade. Four oranges, pounds of sugar, and four hours later, we had 10 jelly jars full of marmalade.


A few goodies this week that I forgot to photograph included mini vegan pot pies, a variation of Minimalist Baker’s vegan pot pie recipe. We opted for carrots, onions, garlic and green beans in an almond milk based creamy sauce, topped with her perfectly salted vegan biscuits.

On another note, my mom’s birthday is tomorrow. I always try to give something useful for gifts, and when I spotted Teak and Twine’s cute themed boxes of goodies, I knew I wanted to give her just that… except the price. With shipping, her gift would have cost me an arm and a leg. Instead, I opted to create my own version of the spa box specific to her liking.


Her spa box included chocolate, pink and purple gummies, organic almond soap, her favorite Earl Grey tea, a homemade sugar and honey facial exfoliate, lavender epson salts (which can be bought in bulk at Whole Foods), and a Paddywax Apothecary calming scented candle.


Enjoy the week!

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