this week’s kitchen creations


For dinner this week, I made a combination of‘s vegan thanksgiving wraps and chickpea shawarma sandwiches. I made her garlic flatbread recipe to the tee and it was incredible! For the filling, I roasted sweet potatoes with herbs, olive oil, and spices alongside chickpeas, following her recipe. I topped the mix with a garlic and lemon tahini sauce.


Next up was a berry pie. I made a basic vegan pie crust from scratch with flour, water, sugar, and vegan butter. You can find a million variations of pie crust online. I’ve made at least five different recipes and all of them have ended up delicious. The filling was one carton of strawberries and two cartons of blackberries mixed with some flour and (a lot of) sugar. I should have made some vanilla ice cream to dollop on top of this tasty treat.


For breakfast, we adore Cafe Trio’s sourdough bread and smashed avocado breakfast plate. The base is a slice of sourdough bread topped with navy beans, a poached egg, arugula, and a lemon vinaigrette dressing. It is basically brunch heaven. I attempted to create my own version of this dish with what we had around the house. We had some garlic flat bread left over from the above mentioned recipe, so I used that as a base. I then cooked up some navy beans after soaking dried beans overnight, and made my very first poached egg! The lemon vinaigrette dressing was the juice of one lemon, about 1/4 cup of olive oil, a dollop of honey mustard and some mustard seeds. I tossed the dressing with the arugula and voila!


Lastly this week, I made callmecupcake‘s triple chocolate cake: chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with a dark chocolate glaze. If yall haven’t seen her beautiful cakes, you must check out her website. I want to make every one of those delectable treats, but unfortunately my baking abilities are no where close to hers. My cakes tend to end up lopsided with frosting that can’t be called smooth even from a distance. Her cakes are utter perfection. I hope to make her gingerbread cake soon!

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