california dreaming

Cruising along Highway 1, winding along the California coastline- bucket list material, right here! Whitney and I had dreamed of coasting this scenic byway from San Francisco to Big Sur for years. This past summer provided the perfect opportunity.


We spent a few days with my brother and his beautiful family in San Francisco on our way back from Costa Rica. It is so rare that I am able to cheer on my nephew during a soccer game, or play “doctor” with my niece. The chance to witness even a glimpse of their childhood is so precious. I truly wish we lived closer, as I feel that I have already missed so much of their life over the last few years. I will forever cherish this weekend of family time.

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While in the Golden City, Whit and I roamed the eclectic streets of the Haight-Ashbury district, marveled at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, traversed the curving Lombard Street, and poked around Fisherman’s Wharf. We joined my brother for lunch at one of his favorite restaurants in China Town, and spent ample time in my favorite bookstore of all time- City Lights Bookstore, known for publishing local authors. Our large group stunk it up at the Stinking Rose, home to more garlic dishes and garlic chains than anyplace in the world.


After our short stay with my family, we headed out towards the coast. Along the drive, we stopped to pick fresh strawberries and trekked across sand dunes to witness the giant elephant seals at Piedras Blancas.


The ultimate end point of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park with its towering redwood trees was magical, but the coastal views along Highway 1 were the true destination. The fog and mist obscured many vistas, but when the clouds parted, we were afforded a glimpse of the jaw dropping cliff faces plunging into the ferocious waves below. The rust colored and auburn moss added a unique dimension the cliff tops, contrasted starkly by the cerulean and turquoise waters that spanned the horizon.


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