Swiss Alpine Railway


Mt. Pilatus boasts the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. Its narrow carnival red boxcar chugs slowly up the mountain, creaking with the effort of the climb. The railway twists and turns between rising grey rock faces stark in the crisp air. Moss stealthily creeps along the stone’s face, in a vain attempt to form a carpet of vegetation. Passengers are rewarded at the summit with expansive views over the snow-capped mountains to the pale blue waters below.

IMG_4968IMG_4985IMG_4951IMG_4947 Our short time is Lucerne, Switzerland proved full of beauty with plenty of quaint European architecture and lake front views. When I think of Switzerland, I always remember the sun setting over the water casting bright reflections in all directions illuminating the shop fronts while swans gracefully floated along the water’s surface.

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