Day Zero List I: recap

  1. Go to an authentic Scottish pub
  2. Visit Ireland’s beautiful cliffs
  3. Explore Thailand
  4. Go to at least three museums
  5. Go to First Friday in Bryan, Texas
  6. Run a half marathon
  7. Float the river
  8. Finish drawings for a kid’s book
  9. Paint something
  10. Eat at Texas de Brazil
  11. Go to a drive in movie
  12. Go to a Renaissance festival
  13. Eat on the Riverwalk in San Antonio
  14. Read 50 books
  15. Skydive
  16. Bake cookies for my resident staff
  17. Girls’ night with wine and dinner
  18. Barhop at Northgate
  19. Send handmade Christmas cards
  20. Make Christmas cookies for my neighbors
  21. Read books about the history of two different religions
  22. Write my parents thank you letters
  23. Write Nick a letter about how proud of him I am
  24. Make Heather dinner (as she fed me way too many times in college)
  25. Make my parents dinner from scratch
  26. Practice Spanish
  27. Random act of kindness
  28. Send my mom flowers
  29. Try a cycle class
  30. Finish P90X
  31. Take up photography again
  32. Stay up all night to watch a meteor shower
  33. Go on a 10 mile bike ride
  34. Take Toby and Penny for a walk
  35. Go to an A&M basketball game
  36. Go to an OPAS show
  37. Perform in Songfest
  38. Play in a powderpuff game
  39. Dunk my Aggie ring
  40. See the Corps March In
  41. Go to medical school
  42. Glass bottom river boat cruise San Marcos
  43. See the caverns
  44. Learn how to cook from scratch
  45. Take a dance class
  46. Go sailing
  47. Draw someone’s blood
  48. Karaoke
  49. Drink hot chocolate by the fireplace
  50. Go camping with friends
  51. Visit NASA/space center
  52. Take cake decorating lessons
  53. Go skeet shooting
  54. Visit each of my parents’ hometowns: Batavia, NY and Naugutuck, CT
  55. Tour the Bluebell Factory
  56. Touch a windmill
  57. Attend Chilifest
  58. Go to a frat party
  59. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game
  60. Go fishing
  61. Participate in a protest
  62. Go rockwall climbing
  63. Go to Sprinkles Cupcakes
  64. Get a hot rock massage
  65. Give someone else a massage
  66. Get a back adjustment from a chiropracter
  67. Go to a horse race
  68. Eat at Reunion Tower in Dallas
  69. Go to the Galleria
  70. Go iceskating
  71. Go wine tasting
  72. Canopy Tours in Austin, TX
  73. Work in a clinic for indigent people
  74. Work in a soup kitchen
  75. Get another piercing
  76. Go on a picnic
  77. Learn how to waterski
  78. Stay in PJs all day and have a movie marathon
  79. Go golfing
  80. Go horseback riding
  81. Work in a clinic in South America
  82. Run while the sun is rising
  83. See a fighter jet show
  84. Try pilates
  85. Join a yoga studio
  86. Try one of each class of liquor
  87. Go out on the town in a black dress and red lipstick
  88. Order dessert for dinner at a restaurant
  89. Buy a piece of artwork
  90. Work at Mission Arlington’s Christmas store
  91. Relax more
  92. Take a picture at the Aggie barn
  93. Make a list of everything that makes me happy
  94. Try zumba
  95. Go to Midnight Yell with the corps
  96. Go to Wicked Woods
  97. Complete a triathlon
  98. Build a telescope and name a star
  99. Go to a Nascar race
  100. Run a marathon
  101. Write a love letter

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