santorini, my love


The two things that stick out in my mind when I recall Santorini are: absolutely gorgeous and “take me back!” The stop on our Greek Isles cruise was way too short to fully appreciate the beauty of the white washed walls and turquoise painted dome roofs.


Although we did do our fair share of street strolling, navigating, and getting lost amongst the glistening white walls, I would love to return to that unique island to explore the local restaurants and shops that remain hidden to the passerby’s eye. The cerulean rooftops intensify the color of the deep aquamarine water, which juxtapose the light colors of the homes that cascade down the cliff face. Shockingly pink bougainvilleas dangle off vines that crawl over the white houses.


We plan on returning to this charming isle, hopefully sooner rather than later!


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