My Cup of Tea// London


If someone asked me which city in the world I would choose to live in outside of the United States, I would blurt out immediately, “London!” I know it’s not exotic or tropical or a typical “get-away” location, but I adore that city with all of my heart. Even the gray dreary rain-filled days hold their own allure for me, as I envision myself snuggling up with a cup of hot tea reading a novel. The countless museums and art exhibits are endlessly entertaining and fascinating, and I could gaze at the timeless architecture for hours. One thing we sincerely miss in the United States is historical significance. Yes, in the east coast, there are churches and city halls dating back to the 1700’s, but compared to the cathedrals and statues harking back from the 1100’s.. I mean, how can you compare? Each stone has a history of its own, architectural wonders built by masons of a different era. The halls whisper secrets of pasts unknown, with gorgeous antiques in every nook and cranny. I find myself questioning each edifice: who has touched this very stone, who has gazed upon this very structure? And the productions.. different operas, ballets, musicals, and plays galore! Like Samuel Johnson famously said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”


Although each and every moment in my favorite city was chock full of sightseeing action, I remember and cherish our first night in London the most. We arrived to the city late, unable to catch a glimpse of the sun lit monuments. But we decided that we must venture into this brilliant city that very night. With map in hand, we meandered through cobblestoned streets, street lamps guiding our way. The night had a reddish aura, a color cast between dusk and dark. The sky was a breathtaking backdrop to the illuminated architecture. The peacefulness of the night was surreal, as London bustles constantly with human movement.

IMG_4158 2IMG_4155

As we navigated our way back to the hostel, we detoured to find Hyde Park. The tulip patches formed a mosaic of lavender, eggplant, plum and amethyst. I tend to gravitate towards flowers wherever I go and love capturing the unique arrangements and hues of different blooms. This was no exception, and I couldn’t believe our luck at hitting up London when the tulips were perfectly in bloom.


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