Sangria Please!


Barcelona was the last stop on our European backpacking adventure that spanned eight weeks during the summer of 2012. This bubbling city supplied us with corky architecture (thanks to Gaudi) lush parks, beach front lounging, sangria, and more sangria. We toured the famous La Sagrada Familia, with its majestic white columns, bright stained glass windows, and unique architectural lines that seem never ending as they guide their way towards the sky. We meandered through Parc Guell with its wave form walkways, curving benches, and brightly colored mosaic tiles. We gazed at Gaudi’s other masterpieces, such as Casa Mila and Casa Battlo. And we swerved and pedaled our way through narrow cobble-stoned streets on a bike tour through the historic Gothic quarter.


Although we checked off the must-see tourist attractions in one of Spain’s best cities, we also spent adequate time basking in the sun on one of the many beach fronts, with mugs of sangria in hand. The sangria added to the enjoyment of the bike tour, as riding in a straight line became more and more difficult as the day progressed. The delicious fruit filled red drink also added humor to a Rastafarian beach goer who felt the need to yell, “fuckin’ lesbianas,” to Whitney and I as we strolled along the water front holding hands. Although looking back at that particular experience disgusts me, because why is that necessary people??, thankfully we didn’t let his bigotry taint our Barcelona experience in the slightest.

Parc Guell

IMG_5276 2IMG_5265

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to participate in cooking classes. In Barcelona, we learned how to make seafood filled paella and fresh sangrias at a local tapas bar. Our sangria recipe made its way back stateside at a craft night with friends a few months later.


Although I can’t pinpoint the reason why, Barcelona ignited my free spirited side. I felt up for anything, and had a heck of time in my short three days there. I laughed until my belly hurt, I danced and sang with friends, and I let loose.. a little too loose.. and had a great time among people I barely knew. I will return to Barcelona someday, and hope that my next experience there is even half as much fun and ridiculous as the last.

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