Cheers to 2015!


Many people consider New Year’s resolutions to be completely pointless and obsolete because rarely do people actually follow through with their goals for more than the first week of the New Year. It is quite ridiculous to see how many new gym memberships go into effect on January 1st, yet by June, the numbers have dwindled. The hype of self-transformation takes hold and often, people make resolutions that are nearly impossible to maintain: working out everyday, when you aren’t an active person to begin with, or attempting five different lifestyle//behavioral changes in one go. It is not fair to yourself to set unreachable goals or expect an entire life turnaround in one day. I know I have had my fair share of goals that were never reached and resolutions that have fallen through and it can be very disappointing, leading to unneeded guilt.

Even though New Year’s Eve kickstarts most people into reflecting on their current self and forming new challenges for betterment, each and every day is the perfect start to a new you and can be the beginning of self-transformation in whichever form (healthier eating, exercising more, or nailing that tough promotion). Who says January 1st is the only time that someone can reassess their life and take a new direction?


New Year’s resolutions ring well with me because I love lists and the physical act of writing out a goal//desire. But I know it can be daunting, especially when everyone is constantly striving for perfection. It is so easy to look next to you and find something in that person that you are lacking in or could improve. It is human nature to compare, yet it can be incredibly debilitating and depressing. Comparing your weaknesses to someone else’s best is unfair and unjust to your perfect and unique you. I realize that I should reread this paragraph because I am queen of comparisons… maybe that should be my resolution for this year.


So without further ado, below is the culmination of my resolutions for 2015.

Lift weights consistently: More focus on health//strength instead of size//weight

More yoga && meditation: Find inner peace and celebrate everyday joy

Discover the outdoors in whatever fashion: hiking//mountain biking//snow sports

Continue feeding my soul with reading: Stick to my priorities

Instill properties of self-reflection, acceptance, forgiveness, && mindfulness into everyday life

Raise your glasses to another year complete filled with crazy adventures, trying times, self-improvement, and the relentless passage of time. Here’s to another fun-filled year with no regrets and memories abound!

Happy New Year!!

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