Fall.. I can’t get enough of you!

So, I know that I already posted about the beauty of fall, after our weekend trip to Telluride, CO. But I couldn’t help myself… I had to post more pictures of the stunning colors that we saw this past weekend in Rochester, NY. Whitney and I made our way up, up, up to upstate NY for the kick-off of residency interview season. I was not expecting fall to still be waving her pretty leaves in November. I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly excited!! Who doesn’t love more fall??


As morbid as this sounds, we found the most beautiful array of leaves in the Mt. Hope Cemetery. It is a massive, multiple blocks long, cemetery located next to some precious neighborhoods in Rochester. It has multiple little paths for walking where we saw many groups of people having their share of daily exercise. Along these paths, mounds of yellow//orange//red leaves were piled up. Every time the wind blew, yellows would shimmer their way down to the ground. We walked around and discovered nooks and crannies of peaceful places to lay around. And yes! we did play in the leaves like children!


As you can see, the colors of fall were in full show! Besides the awe-inspiring colors, fall is one of my favorite seasons for many other reasons. I love the chill in the air, the start of bonfire season, and cozying up with blankets and coffee. The air just smells so fresh this time of year.

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Ooohhh fall.. how I love you so!

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